Registrar Onboarding

In 2014 the Registry Africa (RA) launched 3 new local Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), namely .capetown, .durban and .joburg and on the 4 July 2017 added .africa.
To provision domain names in the 3 new gTLDs a registrar must be Accredited with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
To allow registrars that are non-ICANN Accredited to provision domain names in the Registry Africa’s gTLDs, RA offers the Af Proxy. The Af Proxy Service allows a non-ICANN Accredited Registrar to integrate with the service and provision domain names in Registry Africa’s gTLDs.
The Onboarding Process refers to the steps that a Reseller must follow to make use of the Af Proxy and provision domain names in RA’s gTLDs.
To begin the process a potential Reseller must have an account with RA and have access to the RA Registrar Panel. The Registrar
Panel will include an additional section labeled “Af Proxy”. To begin the Onboarding Process, potential Resellers must click
the “Agree Terms” link available in this section.
After clicking the “Agree Terms” link the Reseller will be presented with the Reseller Agreement and the Af Proxy Reseller Memorandum.
The Reseller Agreement is between the Af Proxy Service Provider, an ICANN Accredited Registrar selected by RA to allow Resellers to integrate through the Af Proxy.
The Af Proxy Reseller Memorandum is a document highlighting critical aspects of the Reseller Agreement which must be met by Resellers to be compliant with the requirements set out in the Reseller Agreement. Resellers must ensure that throughout their integration with the Af Proxy they incorporate all the procedural requirements outlined in the Af Proxy Service Reseller Memorandum.
After accepting the terms and conditions of the Reseller Agreement as well as the Af Proxy Service Reseller Memorandum, an email will be sent to the Reseller. The email will provide details for the OT&E server as well as the technical accounts that must be used to complete the gTLD OT&E.
Resellers must also take note of the Af Proxy Service Additional EPP Commands document which outlines the mechanisms, additional responses, and poll messages that will be sent to Resellers through the EPP system to communicate between the Af Proxy Service and the Registry.
After successfully completing the gTLD OT&E a Reseller may request Live Credentialing for the RA’s gTLDs. Doing this will assign the Reseller as a Reseller of the Af Proxy.
The Af Proxy provides the below resources to Resellers for reference as well as for use with regards to Reseller requirements.
⦁ Reseller Agreement: The agreement entered between the Reseller and the ICANN Accredited Registrar, Af Proxy
⦁ Reseller Guidebook: A document providing guidance and outlining the requirements for Resellers to make full use of the Af Proxy
⦁ Reseller Memorandum: A document highlighting critical requirements for Resellers making use of the Af Proxy
⦁ EPP Integration: A webpage outlining the requirements for EPP integration as well as additional EPP responses
⦁ Published Policies and Procedures: The policies governing the operation of the Af Proxy within the RA’s gTLDs for Resellers.
⦁ Media and Templates: Example templates provided to Resellers which must be used as part of the requirements referenced in the Reseller
⦁ Agreement and Reseller Memorandum.